Pixel Practice

What is Pixel Practice?

Pixel Practice is a website made to educate people about one of the more recent art styles that has been introduced, the pixel art style. While the pixel art style began as a digital format with limitations, due to the hardware at the time, it has had a resurgence in popularity due to its nostalgic appeal. The website aims to educate people about the subject of pixel art by teaching the history of it, instructing them on how to create basic shapes, and even allowing them to make content on the website using an interactive grid. Creating content one pixel at a time gives a sense of satisfaction that only arrives from  creating pieces one at a time to create a magnificent work of art in the end.


Site Content



The homepage is a page that welcomes viewers and explains what the website is about and what you can do there.


History Page

The history page is to educate viewers about the history of pixel art.


Tutorial Page

The tutorial page is to educate viewers on how to make simple shapes using both text explanation as well as a video that demonstrates to the viewer how they can create the shape.


Artwork Gallery Page

This page is made to showcase the artwork that I have done using the pixel art style.


Interactive Grid Page

This page is to give viewers an area where they could apply the knowledge they have learned so they could start creating their own content.

Promotional Material

Poster Mockup


There was a promotional poster done to get the attention of the audience that were attending the live presentation of the website.

Postcard Mockup


These postcards had the welcoming image of the campaign printed on one side while the back was left blank. These were given to people that had attended the live presentation of the website.

Retro Keychains


There were handcrafted keychains made that had retro characters from arcade games on them. These were given to people that had attended the live presentation of the website. The keychains were made from pearler beads and then ironed together.

Process Book