Showcasing CruzDesign

Showcasing CruzDesign

About Me


Artist Statement

I am graphic designer, my work reflects my interests, gaming and a lot of pop culture reference but with some structure thrown in once in awhile. My level of design leans towards coding and making illustrations. My goal as an artist is to let a client's creativity define the look of their mission and make functionality work with the design. I hope to aid in achieving a client's mission through the use of graphic design.


My Inspiration

I enjoy many forms of pop culture which heavily influenced many of my works through the years. I love showcasing the beauty that pop culture has and can have.


My Medium

As a graphic designer I use many different types of digital mediums, such as vector illustrations, photos, 3D modeling and coding to name a few. Every job has multiple solutions to it and it is my role to determine the best one within my skill set.


My Background

Since I was a kid I had an interest in the arts, joining the elementary school band to quietly doodling while class was going on and continuing that trend up until high school where people start thinking about their potential career choices. While nothing in particular in mind, I knew that I wanted to pursue a job in the arts and tried things many like 3D modeling, website creation, and even a basic drawing class. It was not until the final year of high school were I took a class on Visual Communications and was introduced to the Adobe programs Photoshop, Illustration, and InDesign that I decided to be a Graphic Designer and went to college for it.